I am Barry White Jr.

Building relationships of trust are key. As an educator, I strive to show students that I care, that they’re special, and they can accomplish anything if they work hard to master it.

Top tier North Carolina Educator popularized as “The Handshake Teacher

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Barry strives to inspire through innovative teaching practices, and by nurturing creativity amongst young scholars.

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“Before a child can invest in the content you are teaching them, you have to invest in them as people.”

The Barry White Jr. Foundation’s mission is to help educators provide greater experiences in learning, through resources, supply availability, and leadership assistance.

Our key objective is to create engaging, interactive experiences for all students, based on the varying learning styles: kinesthetic, auditory, and visual. Within the foundation, Mr. White personally intends to be a liaison amongst teachers, providing direct development assistance and insight for tools and opportunities that they may otherwise not be privy to.

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